We dedicate the 2018 Spring Tour to Jake and anyone who has been hurt or hurt themselves because of bullies.

David Wimmer, Jr. "Jake" was born a healthy and normal baby. He was the oldest of five siblings. He had a normal start and enjoyed and did all of the things kids his age would do. When starting Junior High things began to change. His grades dropped and he no longer had that shine about him. He was being bullied in school by a few kids. It was a constant attack against him. While his brother, sisters, and parents tried to stand up for him, many others turned their backs. After some significant incidents happened, David suffered a major mental breakdown at the age of 14. He was pulled from school and was never the same. He lived the rest of life with a mental handicap because of the bullying he endured. Although, his life was changed then, he was the sweetest soul and loved his family very much. We share David's story to be a reminder that bullying is wrong and can have lasting effects. It's not just a "right here, right now" issue. It can take a life in more ways than one. David lived 64 years on this earth and was well taken care of by his family. Those bullies that did that to him are now married with kids and grandkids, and David never got that opportunity to live that kind of life.